Month March 2017

Captain Muck Boots and Her Piglet Adventures

The littlest lady of Sweet Bear Farm is again busily typifying the phrase “big things come in small packages”, she is anxiously awaiting the next litter of spring piglets, and carefully tending to Ruby in anticipation. Her attention is of… Continue Reading →

Playful Piglets

The piglets are 9 days old now and have graduated from mostly eating and sleeping to playing in their free time. The movie speaks for itself!

Nursing a herd and piglet pictures!

Having recently had one creature who frequently wanted me to offer up nutrition at her beck and call, I give Purdy huge credit for allowing her herd of piglets essentially free access to her teats. Her maternal instincts are fascinating…. Continue Reading →

Winter returned

While we have been working hard to keep piglets alive, Mother Nature reminded us that it is still March, and she has not given up her wintery ways for this year.  The exact storm total is hard to estimate as… Continue Reading →

Holy piglets, batman!

Purdy set the bar high with the first farrowing on the farm: 17 live piglets and 3 stillborn. One piglet was so big he held up the works and Jeremiah had to reach in and entice him along. Before Jeremiah… Continue Reading →

The Great Construction Continues

After some initially minor nesting evidence this morning, Purdy has decided that aggressive measures are required to provide an appropriate nest for her new piglets. She has steadily graduated from twigs and small bits of hay to mouthfuls and saplings…. Continue Reading →

Nesting pig

Purdy has started nesting! That means we should have piglets within the next 12 hours. She’s building a nice spot to lay down, bringing in sticks and rearranging the hay and wood chips. We’ll keep a close eye on her… Continue Reading →

Beginning Farmer Mistakes…

Well, it turns out that although I thought I had checked and double checked Purdy’s due date, I was using the wrong data and was off by about a week. When we went to confirm her due date and determine if… Continue Reading →

Warmth after the freeze…and no piglets yet

No piglets yet, but the pigs are happy about sunshine and warmer temps today. When Jeremiah left for work this morning, it was -3. By mid day we had risen to about 40 with sun making it feel warmer. We got… Continue Reading →

Count down to piglets

Purdy’s piglets are due on Tuesday! This was 10 days ago: She’s much bigger now, and her teats are filling out with milk now, indicating that she is getting close. The old farmer way of counting pig gestation is to… Continue Reading →

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