Warmer days mean…

…work in the sugar wood resumes. We’re still aiming to make maple syrup this year, provided Mother Nature cooperates with weather and timing. A big thanks to our families for their help with the set up process, and major credit… Continue Reading →

To a happy and prosperous new year!

Winter continues to surround us here at Sweet Bear Farm. We sent 2017 packing with Ruby’s litter heading off to their forever homes, and then a fantastic -9 degree sledding party blessed by beautiful sunshine. The moon was so bright… Continue Reading →


December 2017 decided to show off its winter stripes with a phenomenal snowstorm. With about 12 inches of perfect snow, we have a solid base in the woods and pastures. All of the creatures on the farm are enjoying it…except… Continue Reading →

Sharing with our friends

Eleanor had visitors yesterday. One of my very best friends came over with her 2 children to see the farm. Her 1 year wasn’t terribly impressed, he just wanted more puffs… Her 5 year old, who had never touched a… Continue Reading →

Better late than never!

Ruby delivered her litter today, after 14.5 hours of nesting and 3 days late. She picked the one time when we all needed to be away from the farm. Jeremiah sacrificed attending Eleanor’s 2-year well child visit to attend the… Continue Reading →

Fall piglets for sale

We have a litter of piglets for sale, ready to go any time now. Great meat pigs, growing fast. $70/piglet. Electric fence trained. Friendly. Cold hardy. Iron shots and cut. Call or email with interest.

Welcome to the farm, Rosie

A new sow joined the herd today. Rosie came to us from Washington, VT where she recently weaned a litter. She is an Old spot-Tamworth cross, and looks a lot like Purdy.  She is currently getting to know Hershel and… Continue Reading →

Purdy is mom of the year

We had off farm business to attend to today which kept us away for 14 hours. With no power…and therefore no heat lamp or heater in the barn…with freezing temperatures last night, barely hitting the mid 40s today.  Purdy took… Continue Reading →

Farming off the grid

It’s been an interesting couple of days at Sweet Bear Farm. First we had inches of rain just a few days after we had already had inches of rain. Our previously dry pastures and barn yard were a few steps… Continue Reading →

New arrivals!!

Still going!! 16 and counting! Update: 16 total. Purdy was a total champ. 

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