Sweet Bear Farm, delicious maple syrup, and social distancing in a pandemic

I write to you from the end of our road as we watch events related to the COVID-19 pandemic unfolding. As I’m sure you’ve seen circulating, the best way to decrease the impact of a pandemic is to “flatten the… Continue Reading →

Snow pigs!

We had a January thaw last week. The fence had been raised up for the previous snows. The gilts (Marigold, Violet and Gertrude) realized that this left the fence vulnerable. We thought the girls were tall enough that it shouldn’t be… Continue Reading →

Sweet Bear foliage

Eleanor and I were out moving the pigs today and noted just how beautiful it was. Pictures snapped hastily with my iPhone between tying fences don’t show the majesty or the sweet feeling of the fall sun warming the chills… Continue Reading →

New stove for the house at Sweet Bear Farm

The origin of the new stove is a long story, and if you’re really interested, stop by for some maple sweetened tea and maple oatmeal cookies, we can regale you. The only important piece of that story, really, is that,… Continue Reading →

New piglets!!!

Breaking news! Rose just delivered a beautiful litter of spotted piglets! More to follow!

Observations from the farm

Hard to believe we’re well on the way into August. It’s been a whirlwind of a summer. The cliche is right, time just seems to go by faster every year. We’ve been busy on the farm and with work and… Continue Reading →

Strawberry Quick Bread

We picked 24 pounds of strawberries this year. Maybe I got a little carried away, and Eleanor was happily playing with a friend, so I just kept picking. We froze a lot of them, and made two batches of jam…. Continue Reading →

Spring has sprung…ish

You wouldn’t be able to tell that the first day of summer is just 2 weeks away by some of the weather we’ve had. I went out for a pre-work hike on Tuesday and it was 40 as I set… Continue Reading →

Aerial view of the farm

Jeremiah took this while flying last year. It’s a very different picture that when we bought the property. We’ve added the barn and sugar house, and pushed back the pasture edges significantly. Work continues on making Sweet Bear Farm every… Continue Reading →

The sweetness of spring

This is our second year making delicious maple syrup in Corinth. With the addition of the steam away system to our arch, the process has become more efficient, which means it’s also more enjoyable. We were able to boil larger… Continue Reading →

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