The littlest lady of Sweet Bear Farm is again busily typifying the phrase “big things come in small packages”, she is anxiously awaiting the next litter of spring piglets, and carefully tending to Ruby in anticipation. Her attention is of course divided between a growing brood of piglets in the adjacent stall; of course all parties involved are easily distracted by a game of tag (video attached for evidence). We expect another delivery within a weeks time, and we have been making preparations to accommodate the 20+ population increase in the barn, all the while, mother nature continues to threaten us with a lingering winter, we answer that call with stern resolve and a torpedo heater. 🙂

The piglets are growing daily, and all are healthy and robust. Purdy is an attentive and careful mother as they are growing, but is clearly becoming more ‘corrective’ as piglets with now larger hooves trample her in an effort to win the best producing nipple. The only other barn drama is a very hungry neighbor in Ruby, who is clearly ready to deliver but not the least bit shy to assist with Purdy’s lactation rations of free feeding. Policing involves the new barn camera and repairs of various stall items that fall victim to the fits of a hungry pregnant sow… Soon she will be on free rations and all will be at peace.

Last piece of news would be from Eleanor, who would like you to know that she is quite satisfied with her new boots. 🙂