Month October 2017

Farming off the grid

It’s been an interesting couple of days at Sweet Bear Farm. First we had inches of rain just a few days after we had already had inches of rain. Our previously dry pastures and barn yard were a few steps… Continue Reading →

New arrivals!!

Still going!! 16 and counting! Update: 16 total. Purdy was a total champ. 

Still waiting….

We’ve been watching Purdy closely, but no nesting behavior yet. Eleanor is very diligent in checking on her. We’ve seen some discharge and expressible milk, so theoretically, she should start nesting any time and we’ll have piglets!

Short final for the piglets 

Purdy is due any day now. Eleanor has been checking regularly for fetal movement, and giving Purdy some good rub downs. 

Fall piglets and more adventures

We were hoping for earlier fall piglets, but nature doesn’t listen to requests and Hershel took his time getting the girls pregnant. We’re expecting litters from Purdy and Ruby. Just like in the spring, Purdy is due first. We feel… Continue Reading →

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