After some initially minor nesting evidence this morning, Purdy has decided that aggressive measures are required to provide an appropriate nest for her new piglets. She has steadily graduated from twigs and small bits of hay to mouthfuls and saplings. Basically, if it will fit through the door, it needs to be there, and by fit, we mean with the encouragement of a 5-600lb hormonal sow behind it. 🙂 She has also begun to express milk. We are on schedule to see new arrivals to the farm within 12 or so hours. She is historically a large-litter producer, so we have extra supplies on hand to help any stragglers and keep the whole bunch warm and safe on the overnight (forecast again in the single digits). Since Purdy is far too busy to keep up with Twitter and the like, we will do our best to update to social media as developments happen!