We have a lot of animals who utilize our acreage, and we are actively managing the woodlands to promote habitat. We have a great blue heron who frequents the pond, showing off his beautiful wingspan. A mating pair of wood ducks spent time swimming and hunting the pond this spring.



After seeing tracks on the road that seemed as though they must come from a Turkey-dactyl, we spied the clutch of turkeys on the hill behind the house. Forrest was quite excited and spent a fair bit of time chasing after the scents on the lawn long after the turkeys had moved on to tastier spots.IMG_0587

Although none were seen during last year’s hunting season, many deer were found having snacks in the field and by the pond, especially under the apple trees! We had a few hunters who stopped by the house to obtain permission to hunt, however, no one had any luck. This spring we had a sighting of 2 fawns and a doe. IMG_4367


The bird are enjoying the revitalized farm. Eleanor has been offering them seed just off the back deck so that she can stand at the sliding doors and watch them. She has become quite proficient at helping Jeremiah use the Sibley’s guide to identify our feathered friends.


There is a red fox who has been spotted in the pasture, enjoying the field mice. We have only seen the one, but Jeremiah walked by their den in the woods recently, so there are likely more. Hopefully they help keep the mouse population in check.