Diversity helps keep the farm vibrant and balanced. As we get Sweet Bear Farm up and running, we are experimenting with the types of ventures, some will endure, some will go down in the record books as a good experience but not worth continuing. We welcome ideas and suggestions as you meander through the details below.

Currently in process:

Pastured pigs


Firewood and Saw Timber


Veggie Gardens for on-farm use


 Field Mowing

The John Deere 5055 has a rotary cutter that is used to maintain our open areas, both fields and the roads/trails on the property. We offer field mowing/brush hogging in the greater Corinth/ Topsham/ Bradford/ Fairlee/ Vershire/ Chelsea/ Orange/ Groton areas. If you have fields, pastures or woods roads that need attention, please contact us for details.

From the Sweet Bear Kitchen

A place to find recipes, many of which use on-farm or local ingredients to create tasty, wholesome meals and snacks for the family.

Coming soon and planned ventures:

Maple Sugaring

We have a beautiful sugar stand just begging to be tapped. We hope to begin sugar making Spring 2017. We say… Go Big or Go Home!



Laying Chickens

Since Eleanor is a big fan of eggs, and chickens help keep insects like ticks under control, we plan to add a flock of laying hens with the requisite rooster, hopefully in Spring/Summer 2017. At this point, we’re still debating the ideal type of coop and coop design as well as location on the property.

Halloween Pumpkins

We started a squash patch with 1 small row of pumpkins this year. It went in kind of late (ahem…baby problems…), and growth was stunted by low rainfall, but there are 4 pumpkins! Notably, the spaghetti squash is having a phenomenal year and has extended itself over into the pumpkin row as well as co-mingling with the zucchini. The plan is for a much larger pumpkin patch next year and a roadside truck to sell pumpkins for Halloween.


**This page under construction, please check back often for updates**