No piglets yet, but the pigs are happy about sunshine and warmer temps today. When Jeremiah left for work this morning, it was -3. By mid day we had risen to about 40 with sun making it feel warmer.

We got out for a beautiful afternoon walk under bright blue skies.

Hershel was found sunning himself:

Purdy was alternating sunshine with pre-labor naps:

Ruby was happily receiving handfuls of hay from Eleanor, who maintained a healthy skepticism when passing the hay through the fence.

My mom was up with her dog Bromley today. I was surprised by Bromley’s respect for the electric fence. Even the allure of pig patties didn’t entice her to test the fence boundaries. Or maybe it was that she could just access the muck pile… Regardless, even when I was out doing chores, Bromley didn’t make any attempts at accessing the paddock. Forrest has had a respect for electric pasture fence since we lived in Waterville and he learned the hard way that those strands of wire carry a wallop and playing with the piggies is not a good reason to take a zap. When we are working on fencing here, he stays very close to me or Jeremiah and will give live fence at least a 25 foot berth if he is able. It perturbs him greatly when Jeremiah or I go inside the live fence!