August 2016

Round One, Timber Sales

We successfully  brought a load of saw logs to Timber Root log buyers in East Thetford. Eleanor came along to supervise while the log buyer assessed and measured the quality of the logs we brought. He valued them and cut us… Continue Reading →

Out of control tomatoes

I started the cherry tomatoes inside again this year. Last year they were kind of puny and took a long time to take hold in the garden, so this year I was a little over zealous and started them 6… Continue Reading →

Zucchini explosion

No, the zucchini didn’t actually explode, but the rate at which it is ready to be picked from the garden makes it feel that way. So, what does one do with all that zucchini? Make zucchini bread! Eleanor helped me… Continue Reading →

Supervision required. :)

The trouble with farm equipment is it gets used hard, even the little John Deere 318 has over 1200 engine hours. A few hours and many wrench turns put this 1981 beast back in business. Eleanor’s expert consultation on the… Continue Reading →

Life of a pig…

Pigs have busy days: eating, napping, playing…sometimes even napping with the farmer as Purdy did this afternoon. 

Do Pigs Float?

Yesterday’s chore was water. Turns out pigs require a lot of hydration, some used responsibly, some less so…

New Website for the Farm!

Our new website is a work in progress, with who-knows-how-timely updates and content, the web developer is somewhat distracted by shiny objects, cereal puffs, and Forrest the chocolate lab… 🙂

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