Having recently had one creature who frequently wanted me to offer up nutrition at her beck and call, I give Purdy huge credit for allowing her herd of piglets essentially free access to her teats. Her maternal instincts are fascinating. When she is ready, she calls them to eat, rolling over on her side and making a repetitive grunting noise that almost sounds like a bark. The piglets come running, tumbling over each other, fighting for the best teats. When she lays down, Purdy does so in a slow controlled manner, and if she hears a piglet squealing, she immediately stands back up in an effort to prevent crushing. Sometimes Purdy is not interested in having sucking piglets, at which time she rolls onto her chest/belly and hides her nipples. Sometimes the piglets keep nuzzling her, trying to access the teats, and sometimes the piglets take the hint and head back to their creep for some rest.

And now, what most of you actually wanted, pictures!

Laboring mamma

What Eleanor really wanted was to hold it, but petting was sufficient.