Month April 2017

The wonder of water

Eleanor got to push back bedtime last night… At the end of fall last year our old fire pump, the key to our water operation, ceased operation at a serendipitous moment, just as the 1500 gallon water tank on the… Continue Reading →

New Adventures for Piglet(s)…

Yesterday was a milestone for the Goyettes at Sweet Bear Farm: the first of Purdy’s piglets have gone off to their new home with Natalie and Spencer in Strafford. We successfully made it from breeding, through gestation and farrowing, helped… Continue Reading →

Growing piglets

Purdy’s piglets are of considerable size now. I’d have to say they weigh as much, if not more, than Eleanor. They’ve been trained to mind the electric fence and enjoy running around the paddock and rutting. They chase each other… Continue Reading →

Sunshine and spring temperatures!

April has seen fit to bring bright sunshine and warm temperatures. All the creatures on the farm, 2 and 4 legged, young and old, are enjoying the emergence from winter. The pigs even think it’s kind of hot! Purdy and… Continue Reading →

Cheaper by the dozen

Ruby brought 12 more piglets to the farm last night.  Her labor went much faster than Purdy’s, as did her nesting. In fact, her nesting went so fast that Jeremiah was at work on a flight from Burlington to Boston…. Continue Reading →

Piglets, round 2! 

Ruby’s due date is today, and she has started nesting, so we expect piglets in the next 12 ish hours.  Meanwhile, Eleanor continues to keep the first litter of piglets on their toes  And Forrest has made some friends  Updates… Continue Reading →

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