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Eleanor’s trail in winter

A video is worth a thousand words:

Skiing again!

After a serious end of year thaw which melted most of our 12+ inches of snow, we finally have enough snow again to get out on skis. Jeremiah groomed the loops and we took a spin this afternoon. So, the… Continue Reading →

Make hay while the sun shines

Mother Nature brought us early snow this year, which meant we didn’t get some of our fall agenda complete before there was too much snow to get into the woods with the tractor. Then last week she brought us a… Continue Reading →

Sweet maple goodness!

We’ve been doing some work at the sugar house over the last couple weeks, which reminds me: maple syrup makes a great holiday gift! Message me if you want to obtain some sweet maple goodness to gift your friends and… Continue Reading →

Monty the rooster

Monty the rooster came to Sweet Bear Farm last weekend, accompanied by his 5 hens to join the other ladies already at home in the coop. He spent his first night in the woods as he didn’t get into the… Continue Reading →

Winter’s early arrival

It seems Mother Nature has decided winter should come early to Sweet Bear Farm. We had a small storm over the weekend which we enjoyed, since grass was still peeking through. (For those of you familiar with our house, yes,… Continue Reading →

Piglets on a rainy day

Ruby brought 10 new creatures to the farm today. She was due on Sunday but decided to wait until today to farrow, which was pretty convenient as today is the only day Jeremiah and I were both off. She was… Continue Reading →

Nature’s playground

We don’t have a swing set or play structure here at Sweet Bear Farm, but Eleanor finds plenty of places to push herself and play. She has her trusty steed on the side of one hiking trail. And her favorite… Continue Reading →

Summer Syrup, Get Ye Some!

Sugaring In The Summer! You Need Some! So click HERE We spent some sugaring time in the barn, not the sugarhouse, and not at 10 degrees! 🙂 A custom order for wedding party favors prompted some summer canning of our… Continue Reading →

Rose’s fall piglets

Rose has a lovely litter that she’s nursing at the moment. They’re about 2.5 weeks old and a rainbow of colors, ranging from the pure pink one that Eleanor has named Wilbur (although I think the piglet is a girl…)… Continue Reading →

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