Bella, Rose’s daughter born in September 2020, is staying with us as a gilt, with plans to breed her next year. After Hershel left us, we used AI for Rose’s fall litter. Over the summer we brought Sam, a mature boar, into the herd to take over Hershel’s work. Since the litter had a different sire, and Rose is a fabulous mom, it seemed ideal to add another potential mom.

Bella and the rest of her litter.

Bella is currently under house-arrest in the barn while she weans from Rose. We’ll likely move her back with Rose in the next week or so and she’ll spend the winter growing and learning from the rest of the herd.

On separate, but related news, Marigold and Gertrude are both expecting their first litter in the next couple weeks, photos to follow once they make their appearance!