It’s a busy time of year at Sweet Bear Farm. Rose had a litter of piglets on Sunday, and the temperatures are looking promising for sap runs in the near future.

The bright March sunshine brings much needed relief after this long winter. Sweet Bear Farm has had record snowfall this year, at least in comparison to the 4 other winters we’ve been here. So much snow has meant a lot of time moving said snow and dealing with the aftermath. We were slatted for a new roof last fall, but owing to the wet late summer and fall, we got bumped to this spring – instead of benefiting from the snow sliding off the forthcoming standing seam metal roof, we had yet another year of raking/shoveling the house roof. All the snow has been tough on the animals as well. A couple mornings after snow, the pigs were conspicuously missing; when called, they burst through the snow that was entirely blocking the entrance to their house. And the chickens, my goodness, you would thing the snow was lava and immediately burning their feet! The chickens are extremely happy for this turn in the weather. We had the best egg yield of 2019 today.

So, the sap is going to start flowing soon and that means we will be boiling. If you want to check it out, email me at and we’ll make sure to find a time. Also, let us know your 2019 syrup needs! And, new to the docket, Eleanor has learned to make maple sugar candies – taking orders now!

(Other shapes available)