Who knows when the sap will flow in earnest. At the end of the 10 day forecast we have a couple days of temps in the mid-high 30s and below freezing nights. The trees are definitely excited now, so those conditions should bode well.

We’re nearly ready in the sugarhouse, with the new steamaway sap preheater and header tank plumbed in

The new storage tank is on the hillside, and the transfer pump is ready to be put in service.

And, we’ve started tapping, in fact, we’re more than 50% done, probably close to 75%, thanks to the littlest Goyette who has been working hard

It’s important to stay warm and practice survival skills too

We’ve been finding great utility in the snowmobile we purchased from All Around Power Sports in St Johnsbury, VT. We can get between places and be more efficient in our work, leaving time for recreation as well!

We should have fresh 2019 syrup soon! If you know you want some, you can email with preorders to sweetbearfarm@gmail.com