New arrivals!!

Still going!! 16 and counting! Update: 16 total. Purdy was a total champ. 

Still waiting….

We’ve been watching Purdy closely, but no nesting behavior yet. Eleanor is very diligent in checking on her. We’ve seen some discharge and expressible milk, so theoretically, she should start nesting any time and we’ll have piglets!

Short final for the piglets 

Purdy is due any day now. Eleanor has been checking regularly for fetal movement, and giving Purdy some good rub downs. 

Fall piglets and more adventures

We were hoping for earlier fall piglets, but nature doesn’t listen to requests and Hershel took his time getting the girls pregnant. We’re expecting litters from Purdy and Ruby. Just like in the spring, Purdy is due first. We feel… Continue Reading →

The flock increases

Six more chickens came to Sweet Bear Farm today from our friends at Cedar Circle  Farm in Thetford. They came to love with us after the other hens in their flock had an unfortunate incident with a Fischer. So far,… Continue Reading →

Equipment for new skills

Eleanor is a very curious young lady, and she likes to do whatever mom and dad are doing. In order to facilitate this, and prepare her to work so we can have a break, we’ve been finding Eleanor-sized equipment.  We… Continue Reading →

Helping off-farm

We had a unique opportunity earlier this week. Our neighbor is a logger, specifically, a horse-logger. He works with his trusty horse, Devon, a very popular animal in Eleanor’s world. Anytime we walk down the hill, she calls for us… Continue Reading →

The pigs and the chickens

The animals of the farm were spotted together this morning. The chickens free range and the pigs were eating breakfast near where the chickens wanted to be. The chickens were unfazed by the pigs and the pigs did not seem… Continue Reading →

New additions to the farm

We welcomed a flock of chickens to the farm this morning. 6 hens arrived from another farm in Bradford, VT to start a lying flock at Sweet Bear Farm.  Eleanor was instrumental in the preparations yesterday, helping to build the… Continue Reading →

The best little farmer

We stopped by to pick up other supplies today and Eleanor found a perfect chore bucket. She loves to help feed the pigs, but the regular bucket is just too big. Despite being exhausted from hiking today, she had to… Continue Reading →

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