The sweetness of spring

This is our second year making delicious maple syrup in Corinth. With the addition of the steam away system to our arch, the process has become more efficient, which means it’s also more enjoyable. We were able to boil larger… Continue Reading →

Sunshine and warmer temps!

It’s a busy time of year at Sweet Bear Farm. Rose had a litter of piglets on Sunday, and the temperatures are looking promising for sap runs in the near future. The bright March sunshine brings much needed relief after… Continue Reading →

Getting ready for sugaring

Who knows when the sap will flow in earnest. At the end of the 10 day forecast we have a couple days of temps in the mid-high 30s and below freezing nights. The trees are definitely excited now, so those… Continue Reading →

Winter as a chicken

The girls are still mostly on strike, from the 6 hens, we’re getting an average of 1 egg/day. As the days get longer, we hope the laying will pick up. Chickens need adequate sunlight to stimulate them to lay. We… Continue Reading →

Snow dump and a full moon

Pictures are often worth a thousand words, but sometimes a picture won’t do justice to what you’re seeing. After 18 or so inches of fluffy powder blanketed Sweet Bear Farm today, the full moon rose. The Super Blood Moon. After… Continue Reading →

Horse and Winch; the old and new

Devon put in another cold day’s work! At the end of the day, I caught this picture of him next to the tractor, incidentally outfitted with its PTO driven Igland winch, used by Jeremiah to log on other parts of… Continue Reading →

Horse Logging at Sweet Bear Farm

Our nearest neighbor is a horse logger. This winter he and his horse Devon are up at our property doing some logging. Devon is so gentle on the land, and able to get to trees in areas Jeremiah is not… Continue Reading →

Eleanor’s trail in winter

A video is worth a thousand words:

Skiing again!

After a serious end of year thaw which melted most of our 12+ inches of snow, we finally have enough snow again to get out on skis. Jeremiah groomed the loops and we took a spin this afternoon. So, the… Continue Reading →

Make hay while the sun shines

Mother Nature brought us early snow this year, which meant we didn’t get some of our fall agenda complete before there was too much snow to get into the woods with the tractor. Then last week she brought us a… Continue Reading →

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