Spring on a Maple farm means cleaning up from sugaring.

We pulled all the spouts yesterday. Well, actually, Eleanor did most of the work, with just a little help to be able to reach. As usual, she had to drag us along through the woods. Thank goodness we have such good farm help!

We still have more sugar house clean up to do, but pulling the taps is a big step.

We are relieved to have sunshine and more seasonable temperatures. April was not gentle this year.

For those of you looking for a sweet treat, we have plenty of 2018 Maple Syrup. Send me an email (sweetbearfarm@gmail.com) or call the house and we’ll get you hooked up. You can come by the farm or we can meet up if you’re located locally, or we can ship to you – ask me about the best shipping values.

In other news…. Ruby is due with a litter of piglets any time now….