…what to do?? Go sledding after dinner! Yup, 4 inches of dense snow has blanketed Sweet Bear Farm this evening. The pigs are skeptical, they were enjoying the sunshine and relaxing on the old bedding piles and splashing in their mud pits. The chickens are certainly depressed as they had been dust bathing by the basement walkout door, and the snow is chilly on their feet. And the humans? Well, we weren’t excited to see the grass covered again, and when the road is a mud pit from the melting snow, that will be even less exciting. But we made some lemonade from the lemons and enjoyed some epic evening sledding on the hill by the pond. For sledding aficionados, the hill offers good slope, nice run out and the challenge of making sure to steer clear of the pond (especially now, as the ice is certainly untrustworthy!), and the benefit of being close to the house for easy access to snacks and heat.

In other news, the seedlings are started under their grow light and atop their heat mat in the basement. The green of the seedlings reminds me that we will see spring and summer at some point, and we’ll be on to planting in the black flies, which reminds me, I have to figure out my companion plantings and how I’m going to configure the garden this year.

Come on spring!!