We’ve finally had enough dry weather and greening up to be able to move the big pigs from their winter pasture to a new area. The mud was bad after the rains on Sunday, but after we woke up to this yesterday morning, we knew it was time to figure out a new pasture plan.  

By yesterday afternoon, most of it had melted, and the mud in the winter pasture was unbearably deep. Boot-sucking, water-logged, if-you-fall-you-won’t-get-out, even-the-mud-loving-pigs-are-over-it deep mud. The kind of mud that, with each step, you wonder if the mud will be higher than your Muck Boots.

We started in on setting up the new fence this morning, and just as we did, the 20% chance of rain forecast on Wunderground materialized. With other activities on hand, we delayed, and after lunch, with the help of chief pig farmer Eleanor, we got the fence up and the pig house situated. Purdy, Rose and Hershel were not exactly thrilled to be moved. Not because they wanted to stay in the mud, but because they are well enough trained to the electric fence that they fear the zap. Of course we had the fence off and a gate open, but they were skittish. After a fair amount of grain, and some antics involving Jeremiah and me running through mud and pasture alternately chasing and enticing them, and with Eleanor laughing and egging the pigs on from the safety of the trailer, we succeeded in moving the pigs to the hill side, and some nice sumac and fresh dirt for them to root around in. We certainly have happy pigs now. They’re tucked in for the night after a hearty afternoon of exploration.