We spent 88 hours off the grid after a big thunderstorm on Friday. This time the line was snapped on our road, and many other places in the region, delaying restoration of power. We were very thankful for the generator and Jeremiah’s handy nature. He had us very comfortable and able to carry on life in a mostly normal way. We were also without phone and internet as that line had snapped as well.

One of the pigs noticed the fence was off within a few hours on Saturday morning, and took her self out for a stroll to find new places to root. I didn’t catch a picture of that, but she played like a stereotypical pig, in the mud, when she returned.

We took advantage of the stellar weather to get Eleanor’s Trail cleared and ready for the summer season. If you have time, come take a walk; it’s a nice 1+ mile loop that takes you up on the ridge on the northwest portion of the property.

It was yet another adventure, and although we made the best of it (frozen pizza is even better when cooked on the grill!), we are very thankful for a house with continuous access to electricity without having to keep a generator fueled and running.