Eleanor got to push back bedtime last night…

At the end of fall last year our old fire pump, the key to our water operation, ceased operation at a serendipitous moment, just as the 1500 gallon water tank on the hill had reached capacity. We put it away, hoping Jeremiah would be able to fix it in time for spring. 

Jeremiah ripped it apart this winter and found catastrophic damage. 

We had a second old fire pump, circa 1970, that did not start last year and was set aside for later tinkering. Jeremiah tore it down 2 days ago. In the perfect storm of tinkering, collection of old and hard to find parts (thanks to Joe’s Equipment in West Lebanon), and cross referencing to other older engines, Jeremiah was able to get the old girl running. We pumped 1500 gallons of pond water up to the holding tank and the pigs will be able to have their on-demand water fountains as the warm weather hits us. 

They don’t make equipment like this pump anymore!