I write to you from the end of our road as we watch events related to the COVID-19 pandemic unfolding. As I’m sure you’ve seen circulating, the best way to decrease the impact of a pandemic is to “flatten the curve,” ie decrease the rate at which transmission occurs so that the over all number of cases, and especially the critically ill cases are less likely to completely overwhelm the healthcare system and lead to higher mortality. We, as a family, are practicing social distancing, leaving our home only for critical reasons, such as our jobs in healthcare and obtaining necessities like groceries and fuel. When we are out, we are keeping at least 3 feet and preferably 6 feet from those around us, since COVID-19 transmission occurs even from asymptomatic individuals.

At this time, although we dearly love sharing our slice of heaven with all interested parties we are closing the farm down to visitors, friends and family alike. We hope you consider virtual gatherings rather than in person, even with your close friends and family.

We have been making some exceptionally delicious maple syrup and we would love to share that with you! If you need syrup, we are happy to meet up with you, smile from a few feet away, and hand the syrup over (Lord knows we all need some sweetness in these trying times!). We are also happy to box the syrup up and send it via USPS.

We love FaceTime and social media and email and phone calls so stay in touch. And we will have one heck of a party when all this has settled.

To steal the words of others (I am not sure who precisely to attribute the quote to), “We are unlikely to know if we overreacted or reacted just enough, but we are certain to know if we under reacted or did too little too late.”

Stay healthy and we will be in touch soon,