Unlike last winter, when we were desperate for colder weather and snow for winter activities, this year has started off with frequent snowstorms and below zero weather. We had -13 a few mornings ago, and up on the hill we have accumulated about 14 inches of snow, despite some heavy rains and warm temps yesterday. That 14 inches will make a good base for skiing and snowshoeing, since it froze`hard overnight when the temp went from 40 degrees to -3. Hopefully we’ll continue with the snow and cancel any more rain!

Eleanor started walking a month ago, and since she is an expert now, she has been out doing pig chores on her own…


The pigs are in their winter quarters which is attached to the barn, and since there is snow on the ground, they don’t roam much. They had some greenery in the form of expired lettuce and other veggies for a treat a couple days ago which was very popular, but generally they eat grain, kitchen scraps and hay in the winter.

Eleanor has a ski attachment for her bike trailer which we are very excited to try out, so now we wait for more snow to make the skiing spectacular!