Eleanor is sporting her best hunters orange hat for at least the next two weeks. Although most of the year we see very few random people on our property, deer rifle season is a game changer. Yesterday was opening day; over the last two days we have had at least a half dozen random trucks coming up the road, about half of which we’ve later seen parked on the side of the road, the rest have turned around in our yard. Only 1 party stopped in to say hi and ask us/let us know about their intent to hunt on our land.

We love people recreating on our land, eventually we’ll even have trails specific for mountain biking/hiking/skiing, and we support hunting, although when I’m involved it’s more of a nice walk through the woods with a shotgun than actual “hunting.” (There’s a story about a bear and a camera….but I digress). The point is, while we love people recreating on the land, we’d like to know you’re out there! If you plan to head out, for hiking, hunting, biking or skiing, stop by the house and tell us what you’re up to. We might even point you to somewhere special to check out.