Rose has a lovely litter that she’s nursing at the moment. They’re about 2.5 weeks old and a rainbow of colors, ranging from the pure pink one that Eleanor has named Wilbur (although I think the piglet is a girl…) to the black and orange spotted ones and the orange-brown one with pink feet. She’s a great mom, and the babies are putting on weight! I’ve noticed them munching on the pasture just outside the barn as well.

The piglets rapidly decided they needed to visit their neighbors, and were found visiting Costello. At that time, it became clear they needed to learn about the electric fence!

Eleanor has continued to shine as a pig farmer, helping herd the littles and teaching them about that pesky electric fence. It did not take long for the piglets to learn that the new strand of plastic around the Out Side World would give them a zap if they continued to try to explore beyond the reaches of Mom’s Area.

And life on the farm continues!

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