I’m probably a little behind, but my goal is to start getting the vegetable starts out of the basement and into the garden this weekend. Likely I should have started things like peas outside already, but I didn’t have the garden bed ready. We’re moving the main garden to where I had a squash patch 2 years ago and a failed attempt at strawberries last year. We tossed around ideas for getting the bed ready and realized we had the perfect tool: pig-a-tillers.

As usual, we had the help of Eleanor, our chief farmer and best supervisor available who made sure the pigs were getting right to work. The pigs do a great job turning over the soil and adding some fertilizer in the process. After we give it a few days, we’ll move them out, pull the rocks and such, and Jeremiah will run the rototiller over it. The pigs are just coming off another land clearing job; they cleared scrub brush back so we could build a stone wall. We’ll get some perennials planted around the rock wall soon. The pigs have gotta earn their keep!