Yesterday we were greeted with a chilly morning, around 40 degrees. Today we were up over 80. Apparently summer did decide to arrive, just in time for June this week. We moved the meat pigs to help eat down some of the greenery that has popped over the last  couple weeks, and the breeders were moved to another section of hillside to continue their land clearing work. Ruby doesn’t know it yet, but she’ll be weaned from her piglets at the end of the week and they will head off to their forever homes over the weekend. Ruby will be out with the other breeders. Hopefully all the sows will get pregnant for fall litters.

Just like humans on a hot day, pigs like to cool off with water. We came home this afternoon to find Costello relaxing in the [drinking] water tank. Both Abbott and Costello enjoyed some cooling off from the hose before returning to their nearly constant eating and rooting.

Since it was so warm, Eleanor opted for dinner on the deck, so we had a pleasant meal looking at the pond, hoping for the moose to drop by for a visit. Alas, no moose tonight… perhaps tomorrow.