Rosie is due this week with her first Sweet Bear Farm litter. She has had a couple litters previously at the farm she came from. We’re curious to see what kind of mamma she is. We moved her into the barn about 2 weeks ago and let her get used to her new digs before she’s ready to nest. The other adult pigs were upset because she gets the barn, and she gets fed extra, away from everyone else. She still gets to hang out with the growing piglets- they share the fenced area and have separate stalls. The piglets sometimes wander inside Rosie’s stall to visit. She can’t get in theirs as the door is set to prevent the adults from entering and stealing their food.

Eleanor loves the big piglets, although she misses being able to pick them up. they like to sniff and nibble on clothes, boots, hands….really anything they can get to. It sort of tickles, and when it gets past tickling, they respond to a gentle bonk on the head advising them to back off. Eleanor is getting very good at managing them.

Meanwhile, Hershel, Purdy and Ruby are finding mischief in the field house, always wondering when there might be something tasty to eat, including the hay for their bedding.

Updates will follow when Rosie decides it is time to farrow.