The origin of the new stove is a long story, and if you’re really interested, stop by for some maple sweetened tea and maple oatmeal cookies, we can regale you. The only important piece of that story, really, is that, with the help of the nice folks at the Woodstock Soap Stone company in West Lebanon, NH we now have this beauty installed in the house and waiting for the right temperatures.

We hope those temperatures will still wait a bit longer to arrive, as we have to finish, well, actually start, moving the fire wood into the basement.

The staff at Woodstock Soap Stone company were great to work with, and were able to accommodate our custom artwork. For those who prefer, they have an extensive library of artwork options to choose from on their Ideal Steel hybrid stove. Their prices are great as they direct market only, and their efficiency and clean burning ratings are superb.

We look forward to a warm house on cold days!