Despite the heat, and with plenty of opportunities for other configurations, the pigs chose to snuggle in a single stall in the barn. They had been on a mission: clearing and flattening an area that was left from the original barn excavation 2 years ago. They did a great job of removing the weeds, digging out many discarded items (really… the metal pipe for a shower head? A very old crescent wrench? A partial extension cord? Who just tosses those on the side of the road in a pasture? ) and flattening the lumps, all while fertilizing! The next step will be to seed it up with pasture mix and provide protection from erosion while the seeds take root. 

Meanwhile, the pigs are thrilled to have fresh pasture, and we’re taking advantage of their proximity to the winter housing/farrowing stalls to take a break from their small movable house. We hope to start a good rotational grazing pattern with the occasional break when we have another area that needs clearing.