We don’t have a lot of days off all together, and there are a lot of chores that need to be done around the farm, so we try to combine fun with those chores when we’re all home. Today’s chore was logging. When we bought the farm, the forest management plan had a prescribed cut that was marked and due for cutting in 2016. We have been slowly working on that cut, first for firewood, and now, hopefully for some saw timber.

We use an Igland farm winch which operates off the PTO of the tractor and is a beast of a machine, making the trees soar out of the woods.

Jeremiah spent the morning harvesting firewood, with a special supervisor making sure he was doing well, and taking an opportunity to drive her tractor.

Eleanor enjoyed her first picnic, eating in the field beyond the pig pasture, near the logging operation.

After lunch, the work turned to saw timber. Jeremiah found a beautiful sugar maple marked for veneer. He harvested and skidded it out of the woods.

Tomorrow we’ll take it to the saw mill and see what it’s worth.