Hard to believe we’re well on the way into August. It’s been a whirlwind of a summer. The cliche is right, time just seems to go by faster every year. We’ve been busy on the farm and with work and with adventures.

I can say with assurance: processing meat chickens is a tedious task. Some laughs were had, and our skills improved as the day progressed. However, Eleanor learned that it’s okay to be bored sometimes, and that some farm tasks are just not terribly fun.

Now that the freezer is full, we can move on to fun things…Rose is due for a litter in just two weeks! We moved her to the barn yesterday. Black Betty was clearly envious. Ruby was just hoping for more food, and Hershel didn’t care. Rose happily settled in and made a bed of hay, which she then nibbled on. That reminds me, I haven’t plugged the pig cam in again yet.

This fall should bring more adventures as we hope to have other fall litters (Ruby looks pregnant, not sure about Betty), Eleanor starts preschool, and we finish up some much needed house projects.

We have syrup available if you’ve noticed your stash running low. Shoot me a message if you need a restock.