Jeremiah made another batch of lovely, and delicious, syrup tonight. He had help from his dad, and our closest neighbor stopped by (for those of you who’ve been out to the farm, you know said neighbor is anything but close…0.5 miles!) to see the operation and help haul wood.

We’ve got lots of product, bottled in all sizes from 8oz to 1 gallon. Whether you’re near or far, we’d love to satisfy your desire for the sweet goodness of maple syrup for topping your pancakes or French toast, sweetening your baking, making your tea or coffee extra delicious, or adding that extra decadence to an ice cream sundae! We can arrange pick up/delivery locally, and ship anywhere in the US (I haven’t figured out international shipping!). If you want syrup shipped, let me know and we can discuss the cost of shipping and the best value quantities! Send an email to, call the house or my cell, or send a Facebook message.