Eleanor loves to watch the birds who visit Sweet Bear Farm. A few days ago she was fortunate to see our great blue heron as he returned to start his spring and summer fishing adventures in the pond. She watched as he alighted from the water, spreading his majestic wings, and flew south over the ridge. 

This morning she looked on as a red breasted grossbeak had a snack along side 2 blue jays, eating off the seed wreath we had laid on the porch. We’ve seen juncos and tufted titmouses, robins and sparrows, and many others who haven’t been close enough to identify. 

This afternoon, we took a trip to Mill Gardens in Orford, NH in search of more blueberry bushes. We found great shrubs to add to our patch, and the owners were knowledgeable and kind, lending us some of their expertise. And, we finally found a Shepard’s hook to hang the bird feeder Eleanor received for Christmas! She was super excited to get the hook up and the feeder filled this evening. 

Hopefully, we’ll have lots of winged visitors to spy on and identify with our Sibley’s guide tomorrow!