It’s been an interesting couple of days at Sweet Bear Farm. First we had inches of rain just a few days after we had already had inches of rain. Our previously dry pastures and barn yard were a few steps past soaked. And then came the wind, oh the wind! The Sunday night wind howled for hours, sounding like we were in a wind tunnel. Somewhere around midnight the power went out. It’s now Tuesday and there is no remedy in sight. The power company says it could be days, maybe the end of the week. 

So, what do we do?? 

Jeremiah had put buckets out to catch rain; with the volume of rain we had, the animals were set for the first 24 hours. We have been cooking on the wood stove and the gas grill. And last night, when we realized the duration of the outage, Jeremiah wired up the hand-me-down gas generator and hooked us up with running water, the boiler and refrigeration. It was a truly momentous occasion! 

Meanwhile, the temperatures have been steadily dropping since the storm, and with the power out, there is no heat lamp for the piglets. We have their brooder insulated with lots of hay, and Purdy has been a super good mom, keeping them warm and feeding them extra. They continue growing at a tremendous rate. 

Adventuring at the end of the road!