Making maple syrup from the sap of the sugar maple has a long history in Vermont and other regions of the country.

According to the American Maple Museum:

“Legend has it that the first maple syrup maker was an Iroquois woman, the wife of Chief Woksis. One late-winter morning, the story goes, the chief headed out on one of his hunts, but not before yanking his tomahawk from the tree where he’d thrown it the night before. On this parJcular day the weather turned quite warm, causing the tree’s sap to run and fill a container standing near the trunk. The woman spied the vessel and, thinking it was plain water, cooked their evening meal in it. The boiling that ensued turned the sap to syrup, flavoring the chief’s meal as never before. And thus began the tradiJon of making maple syrup.”

We made our first maple syrup in the late winter of 2018.

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